Here at The Pro Design Group, we are proud to offer CNC tooling and design as one of the many custom design services that we offer. However, many people actually do not know what CNC tooling and design consists of. CNC tooling and design is a manufacturing process where the equipment and tools used are controlled by software that allows them to carry out various factory-related operations that can vary in complexity. There are many benefits to this kind of tooling and design process, so we will be reviewing them here.


Benefits of CNC tooling and design

  • High level of accuracy
  • Reduces overall costs
  • Flexibility
  • The results of items produced will have both consistent quality and accuracy
  • More efficiency and less downtime because there are much fewer steps to produce the parts needed
  • High level of precision every time
  • The process is automated in such a way that there will be no harmful risks to an operator assisting in the process

Now that you know what CNC tooling and design is and what the various benefits of this type of process are, we hope you feel more informed on the topic and comfortable enough to ask us questions by contacting us to request more information or by viewing our gallery. We have a complete tool room consisting of multiple mills, lathes, 24” disk sanders, large orbital sanders, multiple types of band saws, and a high load high production table saws for aluminum. We’ve been tooling for 40 years, so all aspects of tooling from thermoforming, pressure forming, rotational, RIM (reaction injection molding), and extrusion with us will exceed your expectations. Additionally, we can also train you to understand how to produce a product superior to your original design.

We utilize many different tooling methods to meet your expectations. These tooling methods include high production tools that are cast in aluminum and plumbed for temperature control to promote quality products at the highest level every time, epoxy casting and fiberglass tools that are used to reverse engineer a product for forming, and plywood and MDF are cut on one of our seven CNCs for traditional pattern making. Furthermore, we understand shrink factors for different tooling materials and plastic materials.

Our capacities include: 3-Axis CNC Machining: 4’x8’,5-Axis CNC Machining: 4’x8’x20”, CAD Design and Programming, Wood tooling, Urethane tooling, Cast Aluminum tooling, Temperature controlled tooling, Traditional and modern methods, and Male, female, cores, slides, inserts, pre-draws, etc.