CNC Tooling & Design

We have a complete tool room that consists of multiple mills, lathes, 24” disk sanders, large orbital sanders, multiple types of band saws, a high load high production table saws for aluminum. We have layout and quality control.

We are the best. Second to none. We’ve been tooling for 40 years. All aspects of tooling from thermoforming, pressure forming, rotational, RIM (reaction injection molding), extrusion.

We will train you to understand how to produce a product superior than your original design. How it stacks, how it nests, how many cavities it should be. How to make the tooling cheap, how to make the parts cheap and the difference between them.


  1. We utilize many different tooling methods so as to perfectly meet your expectations
    • High production tools are cast in aluminum and plumbed for temperature control to promote quality products at the highest level. Every time.
    • Epoxy casting and fiberglass tools are used when reverse engineering a product for forming.
    • Plywood and MDF are cut on one of our seven CNCs for traditional pattern making.
  2. Understanding shrink factors for different tooling materials and plastic materials.
    • Give us a call, we’ll tell you all the shrink factors.


    3-Axis CNC Machining: 4’x8’

    5-Axis CNC Machining: 4’x8’x20”

    CAD Design and Programming
    Wood Tooling
    Urethane Tooling
    Cast Aluminum tooling
    Temperature controlled tooling
    Traditional and modern methods
    Male, female, cores, slides, inserts, pre-draws, and more