Custom Transportation Solutions

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custom transportation solutions

At The Pro Design Group in Gardena, CA, we offer custom transportation solutions to ensure your goods arrive in one piece.

When transporting high-value items, ensuring their safe arrival is crucial. At PDG, we provide custom solutions to protect your products and improve storage and stackability through efficient palletizing. We understand the tough conditions goods face during transit, which is why our protective measures are designed to prevent movement and reduce shock.

Our expertise includes creating tailored crating and packaging solutions that keep your items secure throughout their journey. With extensive experience in transporting propane tanks and automotive products, we are well-equipped to handle various transportation needs. PDG offers both standard and customized options to suit your specific requirements, ensuring your goods remain safe and intact.

Rely on PDG to provide the highest level of protection for your valuable items. Our dedication to quality and precision means you can trust us to deliver your products safely and efficiently. Choose PDG for all your transportation protection needs and experience the peace of mind that comes with knowing your goods are in expert hands.


  • When transporting high value items, you want to make sure your goods arrive in one piece.
  • PDG offers custom solutions for protecting your products and palletizing to improve storage and stackability.
  • As goods are transported, they go through many tough environmental conditions. Dunnage and custom crating prevents items from moving and helps to reduce shock.
  • We provide standard dunnage in the transportation of Propane Tanks and Automotive products and are experienced in all facets of transportation.
    1. Optimized for protection and maximum storage capacity.