Robotic Trimming

Robotic Trimming is the process where our specialized machines cut various parts and materials to an exact predetermined length, width, and shape. It’s an automated process used to construct a variety of new products and molds that require highly customized dimensions and measurements.


  • Extremely close tolerances.
  • We have seven CNC (computer numerical control)


  1. Custom vacuum fixtures created in house.
  2. Digitizing and programming.
  3. Complex multiple trim conditions for different configurations of the same part.
  4. 200 HP Capacity of vacuum to deliver the highest level of indexing for fixturing.
  5. We have DMS, Thermwood, and MultiCam machines.


Maximum table size 120” x 60” x 48” Z

5 axis CNC (3)

3 axis CNC (4)

Multiple Vacuum Tables

The Benefits of Robotic Trimming


Our machines are highly flexible when it comes to production. They’re easily programmable for various different parts, they’re able to add new parts over time, and they can efficiently apply part changeovers.




CNC changeovers with a robotic system result in less part waste during setup, less labor per changeover, and more parts produced overall per shift.




Robotic trimming delivers replicable and consistent results. Robots don’t get distracted or bored, and they’re programmable to ensure that the correct features get trimmed into every part.

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Benefits of Robotic Trimming:

Flexibility: Our machines are highly adaptable, allowing for easy reprogramming for different parts and accommodating new part additions as needed, making them versatile for various production needs.

Productivity: CNC changeovers, coupled with robotic systems, minimize part waste during setup, reduce labor requirements for changeovers, and enhance overall part production efficiency.

Quality: Robotic trimming ensures consistent and replicable results. Robots maintain precision throughout, ensuring that every part is trimmed with the correct features, delivering exceptional quality and reliability in every product.

With Robotic Trimming, we offer precision, efficiency, and quality that surpass traditional methods, providing our clients with products that meet the most exacting standards. Contact The Pro Design Group today to explore how our robotic trimming capabilities can enhance your manufacturing processes.