Closed Loop Recycling

  • At PDG Our Closed Loop recycling = 99% of our plastic scrap is closed-loop recycled in-house, documented, and reused for the same client to keep the loop closed and controlled.
  • We process 200 gaylords (each weighing roughly 1,000 lbs) every month in a variety of materials.

With an impressive 99% of our plastic scrap undergoing in-house closed-loop recycling. Our dedicated process not only ensures environmental sustainability but also guarantees the utmost control and quality for our clients.

Documented meticulously, our closed-loop recycling ensures that plastic scrap is reprocessed and reused for the same client, effectively sealing the loop of production. Each month, we efficiently process a substantial 200 gaylords, each weighing approximately 1,000 lbs, encompassing a diverse range of materials.


  1. Our regrind is regarded the best in the industry and that is done with strict controls and cleaning to prevent cross-contamination.
  2. All materials are kept inside or under structures to prevent contamination of any sort.
  3. We maintain and change our blades monthly to minimize fluffing and to maintain a high rate of production.


Multiple 100 HP grinders

Dry storage

Our reputation for producing top-tier regrind remains unrivaled within the industry. Our meticulous approach involves stringent controls and thorough cleaning measures, meticulously designed to prevent any possibility of cross-contamination. The materials are vigilantly stored indoors or under protective structures, safeguarding them from any external pollutants.

To sustain a consistently high rate of production and minimize any disruptions, we diligently maintain and replace our blades on a monthly basis. This proactive approach not only maximizes efficiency but also ensures that the quality of our regrind remains unparalleled.


Our capabilities are underlined by multiple 100 HP grinders, a testament to our dedication to efficient and productive recycling.


Our commitment to quality extends to our storage facilities, where materials are housed in dry storage, free from environmental factors that could compromise their integrity. At PDG, we prioritize precision, excellence, and sustainability in every step of our Closed Loop recycling process.