At The Pro Design Group, we offer 3-D Printing, Custom Fabrication, & Robotic Trimming for your production, design, and development needs in Gardena, CA.

Manufacturing Quality Products Through Design

A full-service manufacturing facility.

We have a superlative team with over one hundred years combined experience. and production capabilities that can meet a wide range of requests.

Our services can assist you through all stages of design and development, including our expert nesting and stacking of shippable products and in house tooling that is second to none.

Contact us today for a thermoforming solution that meets your quality, delivery, and service requirements at the most competitive prices in California.

vacuum forming

robotic trimming

custom fabrication


tooling & design

closed loop recycling

We provide a wide range of applications for a variety of capabilities

Industries We Serve


Including forklifts, agricultural equipment, tractors and backhoes & storage sheds.

Custom Transportation Solutions

Including: medical electronics housing, bins & trays, imaging enclosures, hospital bed components & support equipment.


Such as: dashboard assemblies, seating parts, interior door panels, exterior body panels, bumpers & truck liners.

Lamination Panels (CoreRigid) - Crating

120′ clean room for laminating our patented CoreRigid panels. Full lamination line with Corona Treater for maximum adhesion.

CoreRigid is a patented product:.
 • Pat. 10,794,058 • Pat. USD85880251
 • Pat. USD84803151 • Pat. USD84803251
 • Pat. USD84803351


Including: food-safe hydroponic reservoirs, siphon tubes and custom profile extrusions.

Studio & Special Effects

Including: props, special effects, projection materials, theme parks, set work, facade, and design

Custom Crating & Cases

Including: aeronautics, crate, stack and nest, rigid, fire retardant, custom, and heavy duty

Custom Vacuum Forming

Including: single or double sided material impression, diverse material selection, diverse material selection.

Public Safety

Including: single or double sided material impression, diverse material selection, diverse material selection.

Offer Competitive Pricing

We have several advantages minimizing our production costs.

Superior Product Quality

We do not take shortcuts in the pursuit of progress.

We Recycle Excess Materials

We regrind and recycle all of our scrap material. 

We Conserve Energy

We source our electricity at a lower rate than other California manufacturers.

Our Blog

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