Custom Crating & Cases

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Custom crating & cases Manufacturing

At The Pro Design Group in Gardena, CA, we offer custom crating & cases that are lightweight, durable, reusable, recyclable, & stackable.

  • Custom Crating Solutions designed to fit your exact specifications.
  • PDG’s crating technology replaces traditional wood crates with long lasting reusable materials.
  • Lightweight, durable, reusable, recyclable, stackable.
  • Superior product protection through modernization of antiquated crating products.
  • PDG’s crates are proven to outlast and outperform traditional products, giving our customers a significant return on investment.
  • Using PDG’s patented CoreRigid™ panel technology, offers a lightweight and durable solution, while giving us control of the entire manufacturing process from start to finish.
  • Knockdown(collapsible) crates available too for even more space savings!