Vacuum Forming

  • Plastic vacuum forming is our specialty at PDG. With 5 large rotary thermoforming machines, 4 single stations, and a large double ender. All equipment uses quartz ovens, which we’ve developed and own all our software and hardware on all thermoformers.
  • Our equipment is second to none.
  • We have a huge amount of capacity to meet your diversified needs.
  • Materials frequently used: HMWPE, ABS, TPO, PETG, Polycarbonate, Styrene, LDPE, HDPE, Polypropylene, custom FR Blends, including FDA and NSF materials.
  • Our capable team is the best in the business. We focus training on quality, and balancing the science and art required to deliver you more quality at production pricing.


  1. Vacuum Forming/Pressure Forming is the process of heating plastic and using vacuum suction and air pressure to create a part over a mold.
  2. We build all of our tools in house, we make tools out of many different materials.
  3. Plastic is heated until it becomes soft enough to mold. Then the sheet of plastic is transferred to the mold, which is hooked up to a vacuum system.
  4. The mold has many tiny air holes to allow vacuum to pull the air out from between the plastic and the mold.
  5. Once the plastic cools and becomes hard again, you have a formed part ready to be trimmed to meet the final specs.
  6. Parts can be trimmed by hand or programmed for robotic trimming on one of our seven CNC machines.


Capable of running a range of gauges 0.020” – 0.500”

Rotary capacity up to 7’ x 10’ x 4’ draw

Pressure forming capacity 3’ x 5’

Production Automated Strip Bending

All ovens utilize zone controlled quartz heating elements