3D printing technology has evolved over time. It is known as the process of printing three-dimensional objects from a digital file.


How does 3D printing create results?


To begin, the 3D printing process starts with creating a 3D blueprint using computer-aided design (CAD) software. After the blueprint is completed, the printer should be ready for printing. Preparing the 3D printer includes refilling the raw material and the platform to build.


Next, hit print and the machine will automatically build the desired object. That sounds easy but the printing process varies on the type of 3D printing technology and material extrusion.


Material extrusion works like a glue gun that uses a plastic filament as printing material. The plastic filament is heated until it liquefies and is extruded through the print nozzle. The design is now split into a two-dimensional cross-section while the nozzle deposits the thin layers. The polymer will solidify, bonding the layer below before the build platform lowers and the print head adds another layer.


What can I 3D print myself?


You are able to custom print a variety of things through 3D printing. Additionally, there’s a few routes to getting the results to be more consistent in terms of detail. You’ll need to find quality materials and concepts that have the level of precision you expect. As a result, with that added precision, you’ll notice your projects take a bit more time. There may be more trial and error as well. Fortunately, as you begin to get better and see more results, the process will become simpler.


Industrial printing won’t be much different. However, there’s just that added level of quality and detail you should expect from a professional. It’s common that with experience and the right tools, you’d be able to replicate that product. Unfortunately, the time and resources to get there is very high.


The entire process could take minutes to days, depending on the size and complexity of the object. Overall, the best route to go is getting professional assistance. Luckily, we provide that service with a quick turnaround. Give us a call today to get started!