At The Pro Design Group, our commitment to sustainability is deeply ingrained in every aspect of our operations, particularly in our closed loop recycling process. This method ensures that 99% of our plastic scrap is not only recycled but reused for the same clients, fostering a circular economy that is both efficient and responsible.

Our Stringent Recycling Protocol

Our recycling process is renowned for its rigorous controls and meticulous cleaning steps, designed to prevent any cross-contamination. This level of detail is crucial in maintaining the purity of recycled materials, ensuring that they are of the highest quality for reuse. At PDG, we handle a substantial volume of materials—processing about 200 gaylords each month, each weighing around 1,000 lbs. This massive throughput is a testament to our capabilities and the trust our clients place in our process.

Facilities and Equipment at PDG

The backbone of our closed loop recycling system is our equipment and facilities. We operate multiple 100 HP grinders that are essential for breaking down and reprocessing plastic scraps into a reusable form. Moreover, our proactive maintenance schedule, which includes monthly blade changes, minimizes downtime and ensures continuous, high-quality production.

Quality Control and Storage

Quality control is paramount at PDG. All materials are stored either indoors or under protective structures to shield them from environmental contaminants. Our dry storage facilities are specifically designed to maintain the integrity of materials before they enter the recycling process. This careful handling is crucial for preventing any quality degradation that could impact the recycling output.

For more detailed insights into our innovative processes and the technology we use, feel free to explore our vacuum forming and CNC tooling and design services, which complement our recycling efforts by providing additional precision and customization options.

A Sustainable Approach with Proven Results

Our closed loop recycling approach not only supports environmental sustainability but also enhances economic efficiency. By meticulously documenting and reusing plastics within the same client projects, we not only close the loop but also create a value proposition that is hard to match. This process not only keeps our operations lean but also supports our clients’ sustainability goals without compromising on quality.

At The Pro Design Group, we are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in recycling technology. Visit our about us page to learn more about our philosophy and commitment to innovative recycling solutions that lead the industry.