Recycling effectively is absolutely essential today. You need to keep your carbon footprint as minimal as possible. Here are some tips to increase recycling efficiency and boost your business’s eco-friendliness.


Recycling Tips

Categorize Strictly

Mixing your trash and recycling isn’t doing favors for anyone. This is where your recycle habits need to begin, and it has to be as strict of a policy as you can create. Otherwise, you’re going to have them start getting mixed up and the value gets lost.

Take time to assess how your employees have adjusted to these new ideas and what gives them the best opportunity to be successful with recycling. Simply putting a bin out and expecting things to change is not going to work very well. You can even take the time to call a meeting or send out an email about how to make the distinction for particular materials.


Saving Precious Materials

If your company primarily works in manufacturing and there are a wealth of materials used that have precious metals and other substances, consider recycling carefully. Simply disposing of all these different substances isn’t going to help your business. You have to be proactive about using the entirety of your stock effectively. Otherwise, you end up wasting time and money.

For example, assume you begin custom fabrication. There’s going to be excess metal leftover. Regardless of the material, you have a ton of uses at your disposal for this to work.


Emphasize the Impact of Value

Metrics, stats, and any recordings of measurable change that recycling creates is a great quality to make your employees aware of. Then, they can see the exact change they’re contributing to and have a positive association with the practice. You can do this with posters, announcements, rewards, and more.


Closed Loop Recycling

First, to effectively have closed loop recycling, you system has to have some sort of self-sufficiency through reusing materials. In short, this basically means that when consumers use products from your line, you can use those same products’ materials to create new ones later on. Closed loop recycling is a major impact to reducing the carbon footprint of both a company and its customers. Here’s how to get started.

For more information on how to best create a closed loop recycling system, give us a call today. We’ll assess your business firsthand and give you customized solutions for your system to work best. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!