Sprucing up an entryway, changing the presentation of a board room, or giving your business a vibrant aesthetic is difficult. An excellent way to change how clients and employees see the business at face value is through paneled lamination. Here are a few methods to applying paneled lamination, some of the materials we cover, and how to get started.


What is paneled lamination?


Paneled lamination is simply a design technique that adds a sense of professionalism, class, and visual aesthetic value. Depending on the business appeal, the variability of styles are plentiful.


Accented mono panels – Setting the primary color of your panels as a darker and less vibrant color can be a more tasteful look if done well. However, this will essentially require an accent color that sets the tone. The accent color choice can be in tune with the business’s logo colors, or simply just a lighter white or silver.


Patterned panels – panels with patterns can be beautiful complements to the aesthetic of the business. Although it may be easier to push the pattern into most of the room, it’s a better option to restrict it to one piece. Whether this be the wall, the ceiling, part of the seating, etc. In any case, patterns easily are overwhelming. Avoid this by sprinkling it in.


Visual material finishes – If you are going for a particular material appeal, this can be customized. To start, decide how the material meshes with your business. Pairing the visual response to an emotional with the business will give clients and employees a better sense of inclusion. Wood, plastic, steel, or other materials can all change this natural reaction, which is why suiting your business is a great place to start.


Which materials can you laminate?


Fiberglass reinforced plastic, aluminum, galvanized steel, etc. In some cases, we can also laminate custom material. Custom material is a great way to make your business aesthetic visually unique.


Each material will require different levels of maintenance, but overall, maintenance generally is very low. Panels don’t often require repair and when installed correctly, should have strong lasting power.


Your work will always speak for itself, though reminding your clients of that upon entry is essential. Let your business entryway speak volumes of your attention to detail, and schedule a consultation today. We’ll take into account the expectations of your project and create a plan to make it a reality for your business.

Benefits of Laminated Panels

No chipping, discoloration or peeling

High-pressure laminate is a tough material that does not show damage easily.  It stands up against heat and wears and tears very well. It also resists most chemicals so even when cleaning with harsh chemicals, there likely will be no damage done to the surface of your high-pressure laminate. If one little mark does happen to appear though, using acetone or paint thinner on a soft cloth can get rid of that mark without damaging the high-pressure laminate panel.


Having a high-pressure laminates countertop in your home is great because it means no water rings and stains, and you won’t have to worry about spilling anything or dropping dishes on them either. There is never any worry about damage when it comes to high-pressure laminate panels and liquids they will not be damaged by water and they do not bend or warp like wood so no warping or splitting with these sturdy materials. You can even put hot pots right onto your high-pressure lamination tops without worrying about damage from the heat, which makes them oven-proof as well  If there happens to be a spill on your high-pressure lamination top you can clean it up and take care of it immediately so no damage is done from being left to sit too long.

Stain resistance

In addition to water, high-pressure laminate panels are also stain-resistant to most other liquids as well as heat damage from hot pans or dishes. High-pressure lamination tops resist water well but because they do not have a porous surface, there isn’t any absorption of stains into the material either. If a spill happens just wash them up right away with soap and water and then spray them to keep them looking nice and new for a long time without having to worry about stains which makes them easy to maintain and keep clean.

Heat resistance

High-pressure laminate panels are also heat resistant so you can place hot pots and pans on them without any worry of damage. Not only do they resist heat but they also cool down quickly so if you accidentally touch a hot pot or pan, it will not burn your hand. This is a great benefit for those who like to cook as well as those who like to keep their kitchen counters free from clutter.